About Sue Barnum

Sue is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in Santa Fe, NM, as well as a certified

Group Psychotherapist (CGP) and a Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner (TEP) of Psychodrama Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. Her orientation is psychodynamic and psychodramtic, a fairly unique blend of modalities.

She majored in Economics at Rice University (but only because the only psychology professor had recently returned from sabbatical with Timothy Leary and was not touching ground!).    From childhood, creativity drew her in many ways and eventually to choosing a graduate school (University of Houston/Clear Lake) that offered the expressive arts, namely psychodrama.

Sue considers herself a group therapist, having run six process groups for many years and a psychodrama training group for trial lawyers for three years, although she had a full private practice that included individual adults in Houston (1986-2011). Having both outlooks firmly in her grip, Sue developed a way to use psychodramatic techniques in process group, which she now teaches to group therapists, at American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) conferences, the Annual Institute of Houston Group Psychotherapy Society (HGPS) and in a bi-yearly training group in Houston.


In 2012, Houston Group Psychotherapy Society invited Sue and her first psychodrama trainer and great friend, Evie Lotze, PhD, to be the keynote speakers at their Annual Institute. The group's enthusiastic response to their presentation prompted Sue and Evie to write a book called The Therapist's Creativity Handbook:Introducing Action and Play into Process Groups, in which Evie explains the psychodramatic techniques and Sue shares stories about how she used them in process group, with amazing outcomes that issued from their use. And the covers are Sue's own watercolors.

Through her 25 years of practice in Houston, she conducted numerous retreats, Torah studies, and conference presentations on Bibliodrama, the application of psychodrama to a spiritual group with the goal of enlightening its participants to the personal meaning of wisdom texts explored (Bible, Bhagivhad Gita, Zen or Sufi tales, etc.). Sue studied, then worked, with Peter Pitzele, the creator of Bibliodrama, and continues to look for opportunities to use it today. It is a very powerful spiritual tool and she is well-versed in its practice.

Her love of travel and other cultures took Sue to Russia with Evie to teach 22 psychiatrists, pyschologists, and students psychodrama to 900 hours, the European certification requirement, over a 5 year period. She had always wanted to be a pioneer and since they embarked upon this mission in early 1993, just post Peristroika, she finally got to be one! Sue traveled to Australia to teach Bibliodrama to the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Societies holding a joint conference with the International Association of Group Psychotherapy. And she traveled to Tanzania to teach Bibliodrama and metaphor to a group of Anglican seminarians, along with Reverend Suzi Robertson, an Anglican priest.

Having retired from her practice in Houston in 2011, Sue maintains a small private practice in Santa Fe. But teaching the next generation of group therapists to successfully use simple psychodramatic techniques in their process groups is her passion, along with her search to introduce Bibliodrama to new communities and groups. In her spare time Sue loves to paint and dance close-embrace tango!

Sue Barnum

MA, LPCC, CGP, TEP, Consultant